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Pure awesomeness! But did you forget to do legs for Hank in the last room of the last building?

Pretty good

But there were too many of those not funny jokes. SweetSkaters part was the best.

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Snubby responds:

Thanks, I know!! That's funny because Sweet was the one who didn't make it to coauthor.


Animate it

Animate it, draw your own backgrounds, guns and characters, and it will do well, very well. And get better gunshot sound. Only good things in your flash were the music and the plot.

ChrisNosal responds:

Yeah, Bob pretty much made his own sound effects. He did his best, but I need to try and hook him up with some better stuff.

The woodland creatures don't much care for animation though. None of them draw too well. They did use their own props and settings though, it was all shot on location, they didn't just download pictures.

I mean Sticks, for one, had a hard time escaping Animationland, and I know he has no desire to work on an animated project. There are other directors though from the woodland village who make livlier films.

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That was actually good. I didnĀ“t have very high expectations from some spiderman thing with file size of 107kb. Could use some sounds though, and maybe the spiderman could look less retarted.

Not that bad

You could make the moving easier, and fix the camera. Its annoying to run forward when you dont know whats coming from there. Add sounds. Draw some proper platforms, not just green blocks. And do better character, that on your game looked like some animal in a superman-suit. And what was the point of the game?

Good job

Reminded me of Die Hard Trilogy. Could have been longer, but it was good.

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Just... Awesome.

Well, I didn't actually start dancing, but I gotta say, I can't stop my feet tapping the floor. Btw, as I downloaded this, the filename said "teaser." Are you making an even longer version?


Tetfima responds:

Very good question... infact i am...

but its not for NG.... bcuz its gonna be like 2 hours long with lots of variety.
planning on getting it on SIRIUS Radio for Dish Network.

But that won't be here for a long time... infact prob not until i finish my first marking period in high school, lolz.

Gettin' better!

Yup, keep on doing these. Getting better with each track! Too bad the score doesn't do the track justice. Nothing else to say, really...

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Mr-Devil responds:

Thank you my friend! I'll practise my OOMPHing skills and maybe try trance... I got pretty pissed off when someone gave it a zero just when I uploaded it, but the score has recovered AWESOMELY! Thanks again!

Well worth the wait...

Very good, calm song, I think it will be good to listen to while animating/drawing.

5'd, downloaded

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Blackhole12 responds:

thanks :D

Don't really have anything to say... Yeah...

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